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After a long absence, famous pianist Zetterstrom (Ulrich Thomson) returns from New York to his native Copenhagen for a gala recital. A perfectionist by nature, he has one major personal flaw – he has lost the memory of his past. But when he is contacted by a messenger from a mysterious off-limits “zone” in the middle of the city, he is forced to try and reconnect with the past; with what made him run away and his love for the captivating Andrea (Helena Christensen). He hopes for a second chance but the “zone” does not sell dreams….it leads him to remembrance of things past.

Will only play on European Region 2 or multi-region DVD players.

DVD Extras

  1. Snapshots from Allegro
  2. Q&A with Director Christoffer Boe
  3. Theatrical Trailer

  • Running Time 87 mins
  • Genre Drama
  • Starring Ulrich Thomson, Helena Christensen
  • Country Denmark

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