Camping Sauvage


Camping Sauvage


A lakeside camp site during summer holidays. Camille, a seventeen year old, waits around, both bored with her parents, and her summer boyfriend, Fred, who works as a barman. She meets Blaise, a mysterious outsider in his 40s, hired as a sailing instructor by his step-brother, Eddie, the director of the camp.

Camille and Blaise are plagued by a same profound discontent which brings them closer to each other and further from the others. Their complicity feeds the rumors that exasperate their family circle and which finally unleash their passions – the beginning of a dangerous love affair.

Will only play on European Region 2 or multi-region DVD players.

DVD Extras

  1. None
  • Running Time 79 minutes
  • Genre Drama
  • Starring Denis Levant
  • Country France
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