RFK MUST DIE - The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy


RFK MUST DIE - The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy


In 1968 Bobby Kennedy ran for the White House. On June 4th, he won the California Democratic primary and looked set to challenge Nixon for the presidency. Just after midnight, he made a televised victory speech to his supporters at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. As he walked through the hotel kitchen shaking hands with well wishers, 24-year-old Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan stepped out and fired.

RFK Must Die is a new investigative documentary by Shane O’Sullivan that presents compelling evidence that Sirhan did not act alone. Witnesses placed Sirhan several feet in front of Kennedy yet the fatal shot came from one inch behind. And even under hypnosis, Sirhan has never been able to remember the shooting. Leading psychiatrists believe he was a ‘Manchurian Candidate’, hypnotically programmed to kill Kennedy.

On the fortieth anniversary of the assassination, O’Sullivan goes beyond conspiracy theory to present convincing evidence that others were involved, raising the question: who really killed Bobby Kennedy?

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DVD Extras

  1. Deleted Scenes
  2. 1968 Kennedy and Nixon campaign ads
  3. Stills Gallery
  4. Audio Material: police calls, on-the-spot reporting, Sirhan Sirhan interviews
  • Running Time 102 minutes
  • Genre Documentary
  • Starring Bobby Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan
  • Country UK

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